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New chef, new menu


In a city known for its increasingly diverse culinary scene, located in the heart of The Capital Plaza complex, together with its The Living Room Lounge & Dining, CUE Podgorica is a well-known address for sophisticated gourmets. This modern, chic and urban hotel provides an unforgettable and exciting experience to guests thanks to maximum open cooperation, innovation in service and new environmental technologies. With great guest reviews for kindliness, assistance, hospitality, interior, cleanliness, compliance with COVID measures, this hotel also receives very high reviews when it comes to cuisine, even from the most demanding guests. Here you can always discover authentic international classics and refined local dishes prepared with love in the same cuisine, spiced with a selection of international and Montenegrin drinks.

CUE Podgorica recently refreshed the existing menu with a new selection of unusual and exquisite dishes. The credit for refreshing the menu goes to the new chef, Slobodan Radmanovic. Under his watchful eye, dishes come out of the kitchen into the hotel restaurant, and into the favourite “living room” of many residents and tourists, The Living Room Lounge & Dining.


From an early age, Radmanovic was inspired to become a chef through food preparations for family gatherings and celebrations. With the support of his parents, he enrolled in a catering school, and from there he gained experience in various, well-known restaurants in Montenegro, which gave him great opportunities to prove his love for cooking.


He passed numerous educations, seminars and fairs in Greece, Italy, Spain, France and other countries, and deepened his experiences related to world cuisines, especially Mediterranean cuisine. According to him, it is one of the best balanced and diverse cuisines globally. Radmanovic singles out Jose Andres as his role model, due to his incredible cooking skills and creativity, as well as his humanitarian work (preparing a huge number of meals for people affected by disasters around the world).


The new menu offers foods with flavours that are hard to resist. First-class meat and fish lovers, vegans, vegetarians, organic food lovers and everybody else can enjoy the perfect snacks. The chef follows global gastronomic trends but will tell you that he always stays innovative thanks to the irresistible local charm. Arriving at CUE Podgorica, he first adapted himself to the existing menu and then made slight evolution of the same, because he found it already very good. The alterations are visible in the different processing and presentation of dishes, as well as in the usage of new raw materials. He focused on the specific preparation of salads, octopus, risottos, lamb and new cakes, striving to provide a quality choice for all guests.

The cuisine of CUE Podgorica is more than diverse and offers a very large selection of dishes that can be found in the capitals all around the globe, all segments are represented – both in the restaurant and The Living Room, as well as in the banquet and cocktail variants. The menu of this chic and urban hotel has always differed from others, and it has continued in that direction, with an emphasis on the quality of food and service. The new menu has an extremely wide offer in which every guest can find their favourites.

The new menu recommends Tuna salad and Beefsteak salad, which are refreshing and nutritious healthy meals; then Baked gnocchi in pomodoro sauce with Burrata cheese, which is a proven Italian combination of flavours with a new twist; three light risottos (Parmesan and lemon, Gorgonzola, chicken and walnuts, and Mediterranean risotto with salmon fillet), a couple of concrete dishes of exceptional quality such as Lamb fillet, Veal rump steak and Octopus with truffle puree. Finally, three new desserts for everyone’s taste should not be skipped: Vege tart with raw avocado, lime and base of dates, almonds and honey, Chocolate cheesecake with dark chocolate cream, Oreo biscuits and butter as a base, and at the end, the traditional Pavlova, a crunchy dessert with vanilla cream and seasonal fruits.

Radmanovic will tell you that cooking is always an art and that every dish is, in a way, a unique creation and chemistry. In addition, there is a serious production in question, because every day in the kitchen, various events overlap, and no working day is like the previous one. “The chef at home has more freedom to dedicate himself to creation of special variations, while large operations in the most cases require standards and procedures of preparation, aiming to provide guests with the experience they expect or, luckily, go beyond their expectations, which is our ultimate goal,” emphasizes the chef of CUE Podgorica.