CUE Team Building

Reward your workforce, motivate and improve teamwork, engage your colleagues. We have a venue space to suit various concepts.


Team-building sessions can be as creative as you imagine. Take advantage of the wonderful team-building ideas that we can prepare for you, depending on your needs and wishes.
Cooking classes, painting classes, treasure hunt, wine tasting and so many more to choose. Let your team experience tasks which will keep them interacting, occupied and engaged throughout the day.

With both accommodation and hotel grounds, nearby parks and sport facilities, rivers, vineyard, lake and hikes – we can ensure your teams have the most comprehensive options to bond more and achieve mutual corporate goals.

Enjoy your stay in CUE Podgorica, while bonding with your colleagues. Our team will take care of you, just UNPLUG & PLAY!

Terms and Conditions

  • Advance reservation required of minimum 10 rooms
  • Subject to availability
  • Services not utilized will not be deducted from the package price
  • Package does not include compulsory tax and insurance €1.50 per person per day
  • Package can’t be combined with any other special offer

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