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Sweet treats at the CUE Podgorica hotel


Maja Kekic Popović is the head pastry chef at the CUE Podgorica Hotel and The Living Room Lounge&Dining, well known for her sweet delicacies – Chocolate cheesecake, fruit cake Pavlova, Red Velvet cake and Almond racks ice cream are just some of them. For the upcoming summer, she announces new refreshing flavors which she believes will be hard to resist by CUE and The Living Room guests.

Maja is passionate pastry chef who enjoys her work in which she got involved more than ten years ago, experiencing it as a hobby.

“I have been at the CUE Podgorica hotel since 2016 when I received an offer to be the head pastry chef. Back then it was a challenge but also the right choice for me and my career. I am very happy that I am still part of the team, as well as with the fact that in the capital city we are recognized for our excellent service”, Maja points out and adds that continuity of good quality is extremely important.

She also adds that The Living Room Lounge&Dining quests have fallen in love with certain cakes which have become classics over the years.

“As tastes are different, it is important that we have something to offer for all guests. First up, there’s Chocolate cheesecake. The key for the perfect chocolate cake is to use good chocolate and carefully mix all the ingredients to achieve the perfect taste and texture. There are also fruit cakes, Pavlova and Red velvet. I must point out that fruit is perfect for cakes because it adds natural sweetness and richness of taste. Of course, we also think of vegans, so in The Living Room the Vege tart stands out”, which, according to her is one of the best-selling cakes with avocado, honey, dates and almonds.

Beside cakes, Maja says that guests often ask for Almond rocks ice cream, while for various events that take place at the CUE Podgorica hotel she prepares numerous small cakes, such as bajadera, mousses, fruit baskets, etc. She says that traveling is the key for new ideas.

“Wherever I go I do research of what local, traditional cakes are, which helps me to return to CUE with new ideas – how to satisfy the refined taste of hotel guests from various parts of the world. Special inspiration is French cuisine which has a long tradition and is known for its delicacies. In France confectionery is considered an art and is highly valued, which is very important because first it is necessary to attract the eye of the observer and then reach the heart through the conquered palate”, Maja said, she also explains that beside her love for sweats, her mom is the main reason she’s in this business.

“For my sisters and me, Mom always celebrated important events with cakes and cookies. As chocolate is my favorite, I always found cakes in various magazines that I wanted to try, so I gave her sweet assignments.”

She believes that with the new summer offer at CUE Podgorica, she will succeed in winning over the guests.

“A new fruity, refreshing and healthy raspberry and almond cake is being prepared. This combination brings a perfect balance of flavors due to the sweetness and acidity of the raspberry with the rich and nutty taste of the almond.” Maja concluded and pointed out that the innovations at CUE Podgorica hotel will continue. The Living Room Lounge& Dining invites you to try Chaco Cheesecake, Vege Tart, Almond Rocks, as well as many other Maja’s treats.