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Our guests can enjoy a new unique journey to wellness and spa, included in the price of stay. They can take some time off busy schedule to indulge themselves with a variety of treatments in Banya Wellness and Spa centre. Taking just a few steps from their rooms, guests enter the sensory space to rejuvenate, relax their minds and feel like they’re miles away from the surroundings, the crowds and everyday stress. 

At this moment, in a pretty much hectic world, it’s important to shine a light on the improvement of quality of mental and physical health to achieve well-balanced life. After two tough years struck with Covid-19, 2022 brings hope for a brighter future as we work our way through the pandemic ending and maintain focus on the end-user experience, by creating spaces where guests can fully let go, UNPLUG & PLAY!

Did you know that wellness tourism is considered the fastest growing segment within the global tourism market? In the future hospitality, traditional spa offers will merge with wellness programs and concepts to meet constantly shifting consumer needs. They will not only seek for more advanced spa facilities but a wide range of other novelties. Why is that so? Well, the need to be healthy and good-looking is as old as the civilisation itself. As the time passes by, these urges become more and more important.

The term ’wellness’ was first used by Dr Halbert Dunn in 1961. It occurs as combination of two words, well-being (be good) and fitness (to be fit), indicating the orientation towards maximum use of the individual’s potential. ‘Spa’ is an abbreviation of “Sanus per aquam” which means “health through water”. Spa treatments date back all the way to the Roman era. It is known that the Romans built baths for soldiers returning home from war to help relieve symptoms of exhaustion. This spa culture now is in the spotlight all over the world for its various massages, aromatherapy sessions, as well as beauty and care treatments.

Wellness and spa are intertwined but they do differ. Wellness includes a variety of services that are based on medical treatments, primarily oriented towards different forms of massage, while spa represents an ideal place for relaxation, primarily oriented towards cosmetic treatments and body care. In certain circles, wellness is defined as a necessity while spa is defined as luxury. Well, such luxury is complimentary for our guests.

Together, wellness and spa provide serious relief and physical & mental health benefits: they help with sleep problems, help eliminating toxins, reduce stress, muscles and joint pain, improve heart health in general, assist fight against diabetes, reduce the severity of headaches, and finally, most importantly – increase self-confidence.

If you aren’t already a wellness or spa traveller, seeking for these kind of pleasures wherever you go, now is a perfect time to visit CUE Podgorica and become one by enjoying a complimentary spa in Banya Wellness & Spa Center, equipped with a pool, a steam bath, a salt room, saunas, relaxation showers and tepidariums.

Unplug & play!

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