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At CUE Podgorica, our focus is not only to be recognised as the best hotel in Podgorica but also to continuously work on being socially and environmentally responsible towards the community in which we operate. We are fully committed to reduction of the impact we have on the environment by implementing a lasting strategy that is built on the protection of the environment.

Taking care of the environment is in the core business function of CUE Podgorica, therefore we will continuously improve our performance in identifying and reducing wasteful practices, preserving natural resources, including sustainability aspects into our day to day business activities. This also means engaging all stakeholders: guests, visitors, colleagues and suppliers and have them actively contribute to the environmental protection actions.

Sustainable environment that we are striving to achieve, will deliver important long-term benefits by protecting and maintaining stable environments that include environmental, sociocultural, quality, health, safety and similar. Many actions that improve sustainability will also result in medium-term or long-term savings which, as a result can be reinvested – again in the environmental purposes.

CUE Podgorica Environmental Policy

CUE Podgorica Action Plan

CUE Podgorica CSR Policy

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