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2023 Events - Pride Podgorica, Music Festivals and Much More

Get ready to explore the bustling capital of Montenegro as we highlight the year’s most exciting events, from the vibrant Pride Podgorica celebration to captivating festivals and exhibitions, there’s something for everyone in this dynamic city. Stay tuned as we delve into Podgorica’s thriving cultural scene and make the most of your visit to this enchanting destination. 

A busy book fair

Step into a world of literary wonders at the International Podgorica Book and Education Fair, taking place at the BIG Fashion Shopping Center from May 8th to 14th. This incredible event features dozens of renowned publishers from Montenegro and the region, who will display over 100,000 titles with attractive fair discounts.  This remarkable event will bring together numerous respected publishers from Montenegro and the neighboring region. They’ll be showcasing a vast array of over 100,000 titles, all available at appealing fair discounts. Adding to the excitement of the festival, well-known authors like Vedrana Rudan, Muharem Bazdulj, and Danica Vukicevic will be present, contributing to the overall appeal of the event.  

Beyond the extensive selection of books, attendees can also engage in a comprehensive program of events, featuring current and well-known authors from various countries. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your literary horizons and connect with fellow book lovers at this enriching and informative event. 


“Literitorija” Festival, May 24-26 

Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary literature at the “Literitorija” festival, held at KIC Budo Tomovic in Podgorica from May 24th to 26th. This regional literary festival aims to present important contemporary authors from Montenegro and neighboring countries such as Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia, through themed programs and engaging dialogues. Experience the literary richness of the region and gain a deeper understanding of the cultural connections shared between these countries at this insightful and captivating event. 


Paolo Fresu & “Heroes” Tribute to David Bowie, June 3 

Join us for an unforgettable musical tribute to the legendary David Bowie, featuring renowned Italian trumpeter Paolo Fresu and his band “Heroes” at KIC Budo Tomovic on June 3rd. Celebrate Bowie’s timeless music and enduring influence on the world of art and culture as the talented musicians reimagine his most beloved songs with their unique flair. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to appreciate Bowie’s legacy and enjoy a night of remarkable music in the heart of Podgorica. 


The 14th UnderhillFest Documentary Film Festival 

This June, the city of Podgorica will once again host the renowned UnderhillFest Documentary Film Festival. From June 7th to 15th, this celebrated event will take place at the Basketball club “Buducnost” in Njegosev Park, featuring a curated selection of over 20 top-tier documentaries from the past year. The festival opens with the acclaimed “Non-Aligned: Scenes from the Labudovic Reels” by Mila Turajlić and concludes with another of Turajlic’s works, “Ciné-guerrillas: Scenes from the Labudovic Reels”. This much-anticipated annual event offers an enriching cinematic experience, making it a must-attend for all film enthusiasts in the region. 

A busy book fair

Dragan Teodorović Zeko’s Exhibition, June 8 

A photograph exhibition in black and white

Experience the vibrant rock scene of former Yugoslavia and other world capitals through the evocative photographs of Dragan Teodorović Zeko at his exhibition “It Was a Better and Happier Time,” opening on June 8th at KIC Budo Tomovic. This captivating collection of 24 photographs transports viewers to a time of excitement and camaraderie, capturing the essence of the audience’s mood during packed concerts in halls, arenas, and stadiums. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to explore a bygone era through the eyes of a talented photographer and author. 


Podgorica Cultural Summer, June 2023 

Anticipate the return of the Podgorica Cultural Summer, an annual celebration of art, music, and culture that showcases an array of local and international artists across diverse disciplines. This vibrant event has been a staple of the Montenegrin cultural calendar for many years, transforming the city into a thriving hub of creativity and artistic expression. As we eagerly await more information about this year’s festivities, stay tuned for updates about the 2023 Podgorica Cultural Summer and prepare to immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant arts scene this coming June. 


Podgorica Jazz Festival – Made in New York, June 16-18 

Get ready for the Podgorica Jazz Festival – Made in New York, taking place from June 16th to 18th. This exciting event brings together talented jazz musicians from around the world, offering a unique blend of diverse styles and unforgettable performances. The impressive lineup includes Aaron Goldberg, Dennis Chambers, Vasil Hadžimanov, Ashley Pezzotti, Alexis Baro, Yaacov Mayman, Santi Debriano, Shule Jovovic, Bisera Veletanlić, and Dee Dee Bridgewater. Mark your calendars and join us for three days of exceptional music and talent in the heart of Podgorica. 


Zabjelo Fest, 9-10 June 

Gather your friends and family and get ready for a lively musical experience at the Zabjelo Fest, taking place in Podgorica on June 9th and 10th. This exciting event features an impressive lineup of artists, including Zabranjeno Pušenje, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, Letu Štuke, Sunshine, TBF, Ida Prester & Lollobrigida, and Zoster. With a variety of music styles and genres, there is something for everyone at the Zabjelo Fest. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to enjoy an energetic atmosphere and great music in the heart of Podgorica. 


City Groove, 2 July 

Mark your calendars for the City Groove event on July 2nd in Podgorica. This thrilling concert promises an entertaining evening with one of the confirmed performers being the world-renowned Italian singer, Zucchero. Known for his soulful voice and blend of blues, rock, and pop music, Zucchero is sure to captivate the audience. Stay tuned for more information on other artists and further details about this highly anticipated event, which promises to be a night to remember. 


Summer Jam by Somersby, July 4th 

This July and August, the atrium of The Capital Plaza in Podgorica will come alive with the rhythm and energy of the Summer Jam Festival. Organized by CUE Podgorica and Elit, restaurant and bar, this annual music event promises a series of eight concerts every Tuesday, starting from July 4th with a concert of a pop star Željko Samardžić. After him, Tijana Bogićević, Lexington band, Marija Mikić, Emina Jahović, Džejla Ramović, Peđa Jovanović and Nataša Bekvalac will perform on Tuesdays until the end of August. Milica Đurović and Danijel Đukić will entertain guests on Thursdays in July and August.
The festival has a rich history of hosting renowned artists like Nina Badrić, Aleksandra Radović, Marko Louis, Dejan Cukić, Neša Galija, and Perper. Don’t miss out on the Summer Jam Festival, where music, summer, and the vibrant spirit of Podgorica unite in harmony.


International Swimming Meeting, July 

In July, Podgorica will host the International Swimming Meeting, an exciting event that brings together talented swimmers from around the globe. This competitive gathering is a great opportunity to witness exceptional athletes showcasing their skills and passion for the sport in a thrilling atmosphere. Swimming enthusiasts can cheer on their favorite competitors and enjoy a day of world-class aquatic sportsmanship. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this adrenaline-fueled event. 


Jumping into the Morača River, July

The Millennium Bridge in Podgorica - River Morača

Join the exhilarating tradition of jumping into the Morača River in July! This unique Podgorica event offers a refreshing experience for participants and a fun spectacle for spectators. Come and witness the excitement as people of all ages and backgrounds leap into the river, creating a lively and unforgettable atmosphere. Whether you’re brave enough to take the plunge or prefer to watch from the sidelines, this event is sure to be a memorable experience for everyone involved. 


International Puppetry Festival, 31 August – 4 September 

Experience the magic of puppetry at the International Puppetry Festival, taking place in the Great Hall of KIC from August 31st to September 4th. This enchanting event showcases the artistry and creativity of puppeteers from around the world, promising a delightful experience for audiences of all ages. With an array of engaging and imaginative performances, this festival offers a unique and memorable theatrical experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to be transported to a world of wonder and enchantment through the art of puppetry. 


Rockstriction, 9 September 

Get ready to rock at the Rockstriction event on September 9th in Podgorica. One of the performers confirmed so far is Let 3, offering a night filled with energetic music and entertainment. With a powerful sound and dynamic stage presence, Let 3 is sure to delight rock enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates on additional performers and event details, and prepare for a high-octane evening of rock music that you won’t want to miss. 

This September 9th, gear up for an unforgettable night of rock and roll at the Rockstriction event in Podgorica. The evening will be headlined by Let 3, a band that has garnered significant attention in the region after their resounding victory at the Croatian Eurovision Song Contest. Known for their dynamic stage presence and potent sound, Let 3 is all set to electrify Montenegro with their distinctive brand of rock. Don’t miss out on the fourth edition of Rockstriction, where the power of rock music takes center stage. 

The FIAT Festival, 8-17 September 

Immerse yourself in the world of theater at the FIAT Festival, running from September 8th to 17th in Podgorica. This prestigious event showcases exceptional theatrical productions from around the globe, providing a platform for creativity and artistic expression. Don’t miss the opportunity to be captivated by a diverse range of performances and celebrate the power of storytelling. 


18th Open Balkan Championship in Jiu Jitsu, 21-24 September 

Jiu Jitsu Competition

Witness the intensity and skill of martial arts at the 18th Open Balkan Championship in Jiu Jitsu, taking place from September 21st to 24th in Podgorica. This exciting event brings together top competitors from the Balkan region, offering a thrilling spectacle for all martial arts enthusiasts. Experience the passion and dedication of these athletes as they battle for victory. 


OPUČ Stand Up Comedy Festival, 5-6 October 

Get ready to laugh out loud at the OPUČ Stand Up Comedy Festival, happening in the Great Hall of KIC on October 5th and 6th. This hilarious event features a lineup of talented comedians, guaranteeing an evening filled with laughter and fun. Enjoy a memorable night of humor and entertainment that will leave you smiling long after the festival has ended. 


Pride Podgorica, October 

Celebrate love, diversity, and acceptance at Gay Pride Montenegro in October. This empowering event promotes LGBTQ+ rights and visibility, fostering a sense of community and unity in Podgorica and beyond. Join the Pride Podgorica festivities and support equality, inclusion, and understanding during this important celebration – the quintessential Montenegro LGBT travel experience.  

Montenegro Pride brings together people from diverse backgrounds, offering a platform for self-expression, storytelling, and support for a more inclusive society. The event features a lively parade through Podgorica’s streets, demonstrating the resilience and strength of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. 

The festival also includes informative activities such as workshops, panel discussions, and educational sessions. These initiatives facilitate open dialogue, raise awareness, and promote empathy and respect for all. Montenegro Pride also hosts artistic and cultural events, showcasing the creativity and talent of the LGBTQ+ community. 

As a celebration and a call to action, Montenegro Pride serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for equality and justice. Continued activism and education are essential in creating a more inclusive future. 


Podgorica Marathon, October 

People running a marathon across a bridge.

Challenge yourself and join the Podgorica Marathon in October. This annual event welcomes runners from all over the world, providing a fantastic opportunity for athletes and spectators alike to experience the excitement of long-distance running. Cheer on participants as they push their limits and strive for personal bests in this inspiring race. 


Theater in The Living Room, November 

In the heart of Podgorica, lounge&bar The Living Room at CUE Hotel has been hosting vibrant theatre and stand-up performances since February 2023. The project quickly gained popularity, attracting audiences from all over Montenegro and beyond. 

Among the standout performances was “Žena koja je skuvala svog muža” (“The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband”), a humorous exploration of gender relationships directed by Đorđije Tatić and featuring Marija Đurić and Anđelija Rondović. Equally engaging was the stand-up show “Šta nas je snašlo?” (“What Has Befallen Us?”) by Srđan Olman, whose locally-inspired humor about the pandemic resonated with audiences. Another memorable performance was held in April: “Kakva ti je žena, takav ti je život” (“The Kind of Wife You Have Reflects the Kind of Life You Live”) by Dragan Marinković Maca. This captivating play delved into the intricacies of contemporary relationships, provoking thought and conversation among the audience. 

Enjoy this innovative approach to theater and experience the magic of storytelling in a cozy, welcoming environment. 

DEUS, December 

Stay tuned for DEUS, an exciting event coming to Podgorica in December. More details about this thrilling experience will be announced in the upcoming months. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates on this mysterious and intriguing event. 


UBRZAJ Human Rights Film Festival, 10-14 December 

Explore pressing human rights issues through the power of cinema at the UBRZAJ Human Rights Film Festival, taking place from December 10th to 14th in the Great Hall and DODEST. This thought-provoking event showcases a selection of films that challenge and inspire, promoting awareness and understanding of human rights topics from around the world. Join the conversation and be a part of this important and impactful festival. 


The capital of Montenegro will leave nobody wanting. Experience an abundance of exciting Montenegro events: Pride Podgorica, Festivals, Sports events, Music celebrations, and more. CUE Podgorica invites you to indulge these events in the comfort and luxury of its amenities.