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Ostrog Monastery: A Spiritual Journey

Located just 42 kilometers (about 26.1 mi) from the CUE Podgorica hotel in the heart of Montenegro’s capital city, Podgorica, it mesmerizes visitors with its blend of modernity and rich history. One of Europe’s most important Orthodox monasteries, Ostrog embodies the spirit and architectural originality of the region. This blog delves into the history, beauty, and enduring allure of this sanctuary, inviting guests to embark on a journey that transcends mere tourism and unveils incredible legends. 

Manastir Ostrog u Crnoj Gori

The Legend of Ostrog Monastery 

Founded in the 17th century in honor of Saint Basil of Ostrog, whose relics are still kept there today, Ostrog Monastery sits perched on Ostrog Cliff, 900 meters (about 2952.76 ft) above the Zeta Valley. It is known as the “miracle of Saint Basil” because the origins of its construction continue to puzzle historians. According to legend, Saint Basil, then the Bishop of Herzegovina, chose the seemingly inaccessible cliff to establish a monastic refuge. This decision was not only a testament to his faith but also a strategic move to protect the monastery from Ottoman invasions, following the destruction of the Tvrdoš Monastery near Trebinje. Today, Ostrog Monastery is one of the most visited shrines in the region, attracting millions of pilgrims and tourists annually, regardless of their faith or nationality. 

Manastir unutar Ostroške Grede

Architectural Marvel and Spiritual Sanctuary 

Ostrog Monastery comprises the Upper and Lower Monasteries.
The Upper Monastery, accessible via a winding mountain path, offers not only solace for the soul but also incredible views of the lush green valleys of Bjelopavlići. There is the Church of the Holy Cross, where the relics of Saint Basil are kept, surrounded by frescoes depicting the principles and secrets of the Orthodox faith. Visitors are required to cover their shoulders and wear long skirts or pants to enter, and sleeping bags are available for those wishing to spend the night.  

The Lower Monastery, located at the foot of the mountain amidst a serene landscape conducive to meditation and tranquility, is 2 kilometers away from the Upper Monastery. It houses the Church of the Holy Trinity, built in 1824, as well as monastery accommodations, which are an integral part of the monastic community’s life, welcoming visitors with open arms and warm hearts. 

Manastir Ostrog tokom sunčanog dana

A Pilgrimage of Faith and Wonder 

Saint Basil of Ostrog, known as a great miracle-worker, is revered for his miraculous deeds even among people of other faiths. The monastery’s day is celebrated on May 12th, when a traditional pilgrimage is organized from various parts of Montenegro, during which many believers walk barefoot from the Lower to the Upper monastery. 

Manastir Ostrog tokom sunčanog dana

The inspiration for this lies in the stories and legends of how Saint Basil of Ostrog healed the sick. The pilgrimage transcends religious boundaries, attracting visitors from around the world, drawn by tales of Saint Basil’s intercession and the tangible sense of peace at the site. 

Manastir Ostrog u Crnoj Gori

To truly understand why Ostrog Monastery is one of the most significant and visited shrines in Europe, one must visit it. Here, architecture, history, and spirituality intertwine, providing an unforgettable experience. Therefore, it is recommended that guests of the CUE Podgorica hotel visit Ostrog Monastery, which can be done daily from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, when it is open to visitors.