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Portraits of the royal family of Great Britain in the CUE Podgorica hotel

The exhibition “God Save the King” by the artist Laura Cremene is now open at the CUE Podgorica hotel gallery. Laura skillfully captures the spirit of the British royal family in her portraits.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Deputy Ambassador of Great Britain, Sarah Pilbeam, who stated that Laura’s masterpieces are evidence of the power of art in preserving history and nurturing cross-border connections.

“Her ability to bring the splendour of the coronation to life right here in Montenegro is a testament to the universal appeal of the royal family and the rich cultural ties between our nations,” Pilbeam remarked.

Trained as a fashion designer in Romania, Belgium, Italy, and the United Kingdom, Laura proudly holds two master’s degrees in fashion design and technology. Her artistic work reflects an informal approach to illustrating dynamic portraits using combined techniques.

The main inspiration for this exhibition, as emphasized by the author, was Queen Elizabeth II.

” It all began with a portrait of the Queen, a symbol of continuity amidst change. Her ability to uphold traditions and values while actively participating in the technological and socio-political transformations of her reign fascinated me,” said Laura. ” The British Monarchy, like life itself, is in a state of perpetual evolution. The portraits you see before you are a testament to this transformation.”

Vučić Ćetković, Director of the Museums and Galleries of Podgorica, welcomed the attendees, expressing satisfaction that Podgorica has another space showcasing artists from around the world.

“Laura Cremene has already attracted the attention of our creative community with her work in the fashion. With this exhibition, we have another opportunity to see and experience her creative ideas and to welcome her into the Podgorica art scene. The British royal holds a unique position that inspires and fascinates people and societies all over the world. For Laura Cremene, this fascination and appreciation motivates creative ideas and unique expression, which makes this exhibition special and authentic in many ways,” Vučić Ćetković said.

The “God Save the King” exhibition offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in portraits of the British royal family and experience Laura’s extraordinary ability to capture the spirit and evolution of these fascinating personalities. We invite all art enthusiasts to come and enjoy this exceptional portrait collection of the royal family until the beginning of October at the CUE Podgorica hotel.