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Extraordinary July Concerts at Summer Jam by Somersby Festival

July 2023 in Podgorica will be remembered for the outstanding concerts which brought together nearly 1500 guests at the Summer Jam by Somersby Festival, organized by CUE Podgorica Hotel, The Living Room, and Elit Restaurant. We are proud of the successful concerts featuring performances by Željko Samardžić, Tijana Bogićević, Lexington band, Marija Mikić, as well as Milica Đurović and Danijel Đukić.

Summer Jam by Somersby was opened on July 4th by regional star of pop music, Željko Samardžić. It was a two-hour musical spectacle. Željko, with his charisma and exceptional vocal abilities, along with the fantastic band, delighted the audience. The crowd sang along with him, creating an atmosphere filled with love and positive energy.

Željko Samardžić at Summer Jam by Somersby

The spectacular performances continued the following Tuesday with Tijana Bogićević, one of the most talented vocalists. The charisma of the “queen of emotions” and her powerful interpretation of songs left us breathless, and songs like “Blizu” and “Bezuslovno” further solidified her place in our hearts.

The excitement reached its peak at the concert of the Lexington band, a popular group whose hits have become anthems for generations. The great ambiance led the band to extend the concert past midnight, where they once again showed their musical virtuosity and talent, transmitting incredible energy to the audience.

After these exceptional performances, another thrilling evening that broke all records was marked by Marija Mikić, a talented pop singer whose rendition of recognizable songs captured the hearts of the audience. Her voice, brilliance, and interaction with the crowd created an unforgettable atmosphere and left an indelible impression on all of us.

Everything was given an extra spice by Milica and Danijel, who made CUE Podgorica Hotel and Elit Restaurant an essential destination every Thursday.

We thank everyone who was part of these special moments, as well as everyone for their support throughout this musical adventure.

Stay tuned because in August we will have concerts of Emina Jahović, Džejla Ramović, Peđa Jovanović, and Nataša Bekvalac. Also, every Thursday, Milica Đurović and Danijel Đukić will ensure an unforgettable experience.


Special thanks go to our sponsors, Somersby (Carlsberg Montenegro), Adriatic Bank, Plantaže, Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism and The Capital Plaza, who made this year’s festival an unforgettable event. Also, a big thank you to our media partners (Prva TV, Gradska Televizija, TV E, Radio Televizija Crne Gore, DRS, and Play Radio) who supported us and helped our music to reach everyone.

Keep following our website and social media channels to stay updated on all upcoming events and happenings at CUE Hotel and Elit Restaurant. See you at the next concert!