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Montenegro Travel Advice: Your Guide to Memorable Balkan Adventure

A place in the southwest part of the Balkans, an enchanting fusion of serene lakes and picturesque coastline with majestic mountains towering above, a country just waiting to be explored with our ultimate Montenegro travel advice. Whether you’re a wanderlust-driven soul, a beach lover, or a thrill-seeker, we will help you navigate through the alluring landscapes of Montenegro effortlessly.  


Let’s be real, the best place to stay is in the central part of the country in the capital city of Podgorica, as it is a good starting point to reach any other destination. CUE Podgorica stands out as an exceptionally inspiring accommodation choice, attracting a diverse crowd, from business professionals to global wanderers, celebrities, artists, and sports teams alike. Stationed within The Capital Plaza complex, it offers hospitality and comforts of international calibre.  

Panoramski pogled sa tvrđave San Đovani u Kotoru
Most Milenijum u Podgorici

Exploring the Capital: Podgorica

Before venturing out, take the time to explore Podgorica. With a unique blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy, the city is home to notable landmarks, cosy cafes, and diverse shops. Discover historical monuments like the Clock Tower (Sahat Kula) or the enchanting Ribnica Bridge and relax in the serene atmosphere of its plentiful parks.  

Landmarks: A Witness to Time and Change 


  • Old Town (Stara Varoš): 
  • Clock Tower: A reminder of the Ottoman period. 
  • Nemanjići’s Town Ruins: A late 15th-century fortress. 
  • Skaline (Sastavci): 
  • A historical and cultural junction at the confluence of the Morača and Ribnica rivers, hosting remnants from the Ottoman era and a popular youth gathering spot. 
  • Doclea: 
  • An outer archaeological spectacle that was once a prominent Roman city. 
  • Church of St. George:  
  • The oldest church in Montenegro, with its captivating interior frescoes and underground passage network. 
  • Plantaže Vineyard:  
  • Europe’s largest single-complex vineyard, renowned for producing the exquisite Vranac wine. 
  • Niagara Waterfalls on Cijevna River 
  • A breathtaking natural spectacle that adds a serene contrast to the city’s lively ambience. 

Approximately a 90-minute drive from Podgorica, Kotor is another captivating coastal town, renowned for its stunning bay and well-preserved Old Town and a must-see on our Montenegro travel advice guide. Exploring the cobbled streets, enjoying local cuisine by the bay, and hiking the fortress for a breathtaking view of the Bay of Kotor are essentials. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its bay is brimming with cruise ships in the summer. Going along the shores of Boka Bay, you will encounter numerous charming small towns like Perast, Risan, Herceg Novi, and Tivat. All of them are unique in their way and merit a visit.  

Stari grad u Budvi
Krovovi od terakote u Starom gradu u Kotoru

In a journey slightly further down the Montenegrin coast, Bar and Ulcinj present themselves as dazzling displays of the country’s rich history and stunning seascapes. Bar, known for its vibrant port and the entrancing Stari Bar (Old Bar), is a town where the oldest olive tree in Europe resides (believed to be over 2,000 years old). The old town, a museum under the open sky, is a fascinating concoction of ancient ruins and medieval architecture, where each stone seems to narrate tales from a bygone era. Meanwhile, the modern part of Bar offers beautiful beaches, lively bars, and a marina that comes alive with activity during the summer months. A short drive away from Bar is the town of Ulcinj. Famous for its long sandy beaches, including the 12km long Velika Plaža, Ulcinj provides a more laid-back vibe compared to other Montenegrin coastal towns. With its rich history, including remnants of a massive Venetian-inspired castle, and lively nightlife, especially during the summer months, Ulcinj is a splendid destination that encapsulates the diverse essence of Montenegro’s Adriatic coast. 

From Podgorica to the Mountain Regions 

Embracing the rugged allure of Montenegro’s northern region, one cannot resist the magnetic pull of destinations like Kolašin, Žabljak, Durmitor National Park, National Park Biogradska Gora, and Prokletije National Park. Each of these spots heralds its distinct charm, beckoning travellers to dive deep into the wild, natural landscapes of the country.  

Stari grad u Ulcinju i njegove kuće s crvenim krovom
Biogradsko jezero tokom jeseni

Kolašin, often hailed as Montenegro’s most famous ski resort, offers plenty of activities from skiing in the winter to hiking in the warmer months. It is situated at the foot of Bjelasica mountain, in whose central part National Park Biogradska Gora is located. We recommend visiting Lake Biograd and taking a boat tour along its mirror-like surface. Not far from Kolašin, Žabljak, the highest town in the Balkans, serves as a gateway to the astonishing Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the ethereal Black Lake and the dramatic Tara River Canyon carve out surreal scenery that imprints upon every visitor’s memory. Adventure enthusiasts will find a haven here with opportunities for rafting, mountaineering, and exploring caves, ensuring a thrilling connection with nature’s raw beauty. 


Moreover, the somewhat elusive Prokletije National Park, often referred to as the ‘Southern Alps’, graces the border between Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo, providing a secluded retreat for those seeking serenity and isolation amid towering peaks and pristine lakes. Hiking trails here are both challenging and immensely rewarding, offering breathtaking vistas and encounters with diverse wildlife, introducing travellers to a quieter, yet equally enchanting, facet of Montenegro.  

Crno jezero okruženo gustom šumom, Nacionalni park Durmitor
Panoramski pogled na Prokletije

Embarking from Podgorica, Montenegro unrolls a carpet of adventures, from the gently lapping waves of the Adriatic to the echoing serenity of its mountainous terrains, each destination promising its unique charm and experiences. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of coastal towns, the whisper of secluded forests, or the tales of historical cities, Montenegro welcomes you to explore its multifaceted beauty. From mingling in the elegant social spaces within CUE Podgorica to exploring the local culinary and artistic scene, your stay is certain to be sprinkled with diverse, enchanting moments that echo the Montenegrin spirit. With our guide and Montenegro travel advice at your fingertips, starting your journey from Podgorica paves the way to a blend of activities and experiences within the country.