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Portraits of renowned artists at CUE Podgorica Hotel

The photo exhibition ‘Behind the Face’ by the acclaimed artist Nebojša Babić from Serbia was opened last night at the CUE Podgorica Hotel gallery. Babić presents a wide spectrum of personalities, from actors, artists, musicians to athletes and writers, including Anica Dobra, Voja Brajović, Mirjana Karanović, Sonja Savić, Novak Đoković, Josipa Lisac, Jagoš Marković, Zubin Mehta, Aleksandar Kelić, and many others. 

The exhibition, consisting of 54 photographs, was opened by Dejan Kalezić, founder of the F64 Gallery, the only photo gallery in Montenegro.  

“I wouldn’t speak much about Nebojša’s work because the portraits speak for themselves. What impressed me the most is the individual approach to each portrayed person. Together, we strive to elevate photographic culture to a higher level,” concluded Kalezić. 

Babić’s portraits are special because they reveal the characteristics of each person and depict them in a way that unveils their essence, authenticity, and depth. Each portrait is carefully composed, with a keen focus on light and background. 

“I am happy to have the opportunity to exhibit my photos in Podgorica. Here, I’ve met many wonderful people and colleagues, experiencing the warmth and hospitality. It’s important that these things happen in Montenegro, throughout the region—for us photographers and the art of photography,” emphasized Babić. 

More than half of Babić’s photos that are in CUE Podgorica, this summer were exhibited at the F64 gallery, marking his first solo exhibition in Podgorica. 

We invite all interested people to immerse themselves in Nebojša Babić’s world of portrait art until the end of November at CUE Podgorica Hotel and enjoy the fantastic exhibition, which includes motivational messages and statements from the portrayed personalities.