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Theatre season in The Living Room

Starting February 2023, The Living Room started a new project, which has been recording significant results since the beginning. Stand-up shows and performances with actors from Montenegro and surrounding countries have attracted the attention of numerous guests from Podgorica, Nikšić, Bar, as well as other coastal cities.

In February, the repertoire featured the play “Žena koja je skuvala svog muža” in which Marija Đurić, Anđelija Rondović and Đorđije Tatić, who also directed the show, present male-female relationships in a comical way. It was made in the executive production of the Korifej Theater, and based on the text of the British writer Debbie Isitt, the story deals with the treatment of women as consumables and their traditionally understood role.

Last month, stand-up comedian Srđan Olman entertained the audience with his show “Šta nas je snašlo?”. Srđan, although coming from Vojvodina, has excellent knowledge of the opportunities and local topics in our country, and he used his knowledge to complete the story about the side effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the first week of March, the program included the play “Šta muškarci/žene žele” directed by Mirjana Karanović, starring Tijana Janković and Ivan Ivanov. Cabaret comedy about male-female relationships is shown through eight different situations. In each of them, women’s aspirations do not match with men’s, their expectations, behavior, demands, which caused a lot of laughter and good reactions among the audience.

Last Friday, March 10th we had a stand-up comedian Peđa Bajović, a native of Bijelo Polje, who comes to us from Zagreb. In the show “Muškarac”, Bajović “gave a lecture” about the unquestionable superiority of the female gender, which was interwoven with instructions for men, how to survive it, and enjoy it along the way.

After that, on March 24th , we had the play “Koronirajmo”, starring Bojana Đurašković and Marko Milošević, who also signed the text and direction. They humorously presented young couple who decide to start a life together during the coronavirus pandemic.

In April, Dragan Marinković Maca’s play “Kakva ti je žena, takav ti je život” is on the repertoire, the play will take place on April 7th. The performance will make you think carefully about yourself and the world around you, because as Marinković says, we are a generation that does not want a relationship.

“We want the facade of an effortless relationship, holding hands without looking into each other’s eyes, protraction without serious conversation, promising without real commitment. We also want to celebrate the anniversary without the 364 days leading up to it. We play games with no winners and end up alone.